GCTalks Episode 4 Recap

GCTalks Episode 4 Recap Written by: Berri, BlitzkriegMeph, Britsurugi & Paco1342 Welcome to the GCTalks Episode 4 Recap! GCTalks is a biweekly show hosted by the Glimesh Community Team in which we discuss events, Glimesh news, talk platform tips with the community, and discuss your ideas for the platform. This week’s show was hosted by ArtofCod (GCT/Design), Britsurugi (GCT/Events), BlitzkriegMeph (GCT), and Paco1342 (Community Manager). Read more →

Feature Update

Feature Update This update brings some rather large features to Glimesh that pave the way for upcoming roadmap features. The focus on this update has been to bring new and improved ways for streamers to earn money on Glimesh and giving more control over how you use these monetisation options to suit you and your channel. Read more →

GCTalks Episode 3

GCTalks Episode 3 Recap Written by: Berri, Chris, Britsurugi and Paco1342 Welcome to the first GCTalks blog. For those who aren’t sure what GCTalks is, it is a new biweekly show hosted by the Glimesh Community Team in which we discuss events, Glimesh news, talk platform tips with the community and discuss your ideas for the platform. Read more →

Board Meeting 09/2021

Board Meeting 09/2021 September 10th, 2021 / 6:00 PM EDT Company Attendance Luke Strickland Agenda Executive Report Greetings folks! Welcome to the September board meeting for Glimesh. During the month of August we had some rather large changes that were made, and for the first month since launch we saw growth on both social media and our website traffic. Read more →

Board Meeting 08/2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to the August board meeting for Glimesh. In July we officially hit the one year mark of our original charity stream that we did with Ikaros on July 22nd, and it’s been a very exciting year so far. The future’s looking bright, the past two months have been a lot of work and preparation to bring the alpha roadmap forward and I’m excited to share what we’ve been working on with you today. Read more →

Board Meeting 07/2021

Hello everyone and welcome to Glimesh’s first regular board meeting. This meeting will replace our existing weekly team meeting as the primary method of updating our community & the world on Glimesh operations. I hope you enjoy! Called to order: July 6th, 2021 / 7:00 PM EDT YouTube Recording You can find a YouTube recording of this video here: https://www. Read more →

The Glimcap 19

Welcome to Glimcap # 19! This week’s recap includes some news on GCX and some new updates on some of our roadmap items. This week we saw some different than normal metrics that we will be covering as well.

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The Glimcap 18

The Glimcap 18

Welcome to the Glimcap 18. This week we have some big news coming later in June. As usual we are going over the metrics, financials, and wins that we’ve had over the past week. We will have a special announcement at the end of the article so make sure to get all the way to the end.

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The Glimcap 17

Welcome to the Glimcap 17. This is the first meeting of June! This week we have some updates on Alpha Phase 2 features, the first 3 months of financials and all your usual metric and win updates.

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The Glimcap 16

Welcome to the 16th Glimcap. This week we will be looking at the business in depth, briefly touching on the progress which is being made with Phase 2 Alpha features, and as always rounding up some wins and challenges from the past week.

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