Board Meeting 05/2022

Board Meeting 05/2022

May 6th, 2022 / 6:00 PM EDT

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Luke Strickland


Executive Report

Good evening everyone!

It’s finally May, and springtime is here for most of us! It’s been quiet from a development side, but personally most of my time during April has been spent on starting the giant gears of marketing. April has also been a month of reflection, looking at both our past, but with our eyes glued forward. Glimesh has always been about content creation in its entirety, not just focused on live content. In the coming year, we’ll start working on a series of new features designed to help you share your content, in whatever medium it takes.

We’re currently approaching marketing from several angles: local events, content marketing, advertising on non-live content, and community engagement.

For local events, we’re looking at local bands & venues to inquire about helping them set up their live content, or better monetize their online viewership. We’re starting local to Pittsburgh, PA, USA but if we can create a clear value proposition we’d be able to expand this program to other areas.

With content marketing the main goal is to produce videos or blog posts that can help us expand our reach by improving our SEO value and help our audience at the same time. At the moment we’re in the early stages of drafting some articles that we can publish on the blog.

Advertising at the moment is one of our most challenging areas however, as we’ve not had the turnout expected when reaching out. To put it bluntly, I’m surprised how hard it is to pay for people to mention, talk about, link to, or otherwise recognize Glimesh. I don’t believe it’s specifically a problem with our brand, as the process ends up feeling more like cold calling. If you know anyone who produces podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, TikToks, or other non-live content and is looking for financial support for their videos, let us know!

Community engagement is going very well, with our main focus being on the Glimesh Community Events and diving more into the nitty gritty when it comes to our Twitter. Hopefully you’ve noticed us improve both of those areas this past month!

So in closing, our main goals continue to be marketing, which of course is never as easy as it seems. If you’re interested in helping grow Glimesh, or have ideas, please reach out and let us know!

- clone1018 (Luke Strickland)


Currently our marketing metrics are still rather basic. We still need to update our metrics to track things we want to grow, so we can measure how campaigns are doing.

Overall the website traffic has been consistent for the past three months, which gives us a good baseline for growth. The spike in traffic was caused by a particular stream, and should not be considered normal. Additionally there’s been some confusion, so let me clarify it here: Plausible cannot properly track our Bounce Rate & Visit Duration since our web framework does not send updates as the user changes pages. These metrics should be used as a comparable baseline, not a way of telling how many watch hours, or other common metrics, we have.

February 1st - April 30th February 1st - April 30th

Last Month Last Month

November 2021December 2021January 2022February 2022March 2022April 2022
Unique Visitors21,00033,50024,10021,00021,30019,300
Total Pageviews166,000179,000160,000128,000141,000123,000

The app is showing great progress as well! We’ve hit pretty consistent downloads since launch and the app only has a couple of minor bugs that impact a small amount of users.

Plausible App Metrics Plausible App Metrics

Apple App Store Metrics Apple App Store Metrics

Android Play Store Metrics Android Play Store Metrics


Our finance categories are split up into two categories: Software as a Service (generally recurring) and Physical Sales (generally one time). This financial spreadsheet breaks down those two categories, in addition to providing a traditional P&L itemization.

November 2021December 2021January 2022February 2022March 2022April 2022
Software as a Service
Gross Subscriptions$ 3,087.59$ 2,395.00$ 2,101.00$ 1,848.87$ 2,195.00$ 1,618.51
Streamer Payouts$ (1,099.05)$ (885.33)$ (505.72)$ (736.78)$ (768.22)$ (650.48)
Charges Fees$ (216.89)$ (172.44)$ (153.22)$ (140.16)$ (152.29)$ (119.70)
Refunds$ (25.00)$ (5.00)$ -$ (15.00)$ (245.00)$ -
Connect Fee (prev month)$ (347.26)$ (360.84)$ (333.13)$ (218.29)$ (139.05)$ (272.11)
Subscription Expenses$ (1,688.20)$ (1,423.61)$ (992.07)$ (1,110.23)$ (1,304.56)$ (1,042.29)
Subscription Revenue$ 1,399.39$ 971.39$ 1,108.93$ 738.64$ 890.44$ 576.22
Physical Sales
Merch Sales$ 26.89$ -$ -$ 26.61$ 53.50$ 26.61
Printful Fee$ (15.94)$ -$ -$ (36.12)$ (35.32)$ (21.03)
Shopify Fee$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)
Merch Expenses$ (46.68)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (66.86)$ (66.06)$ (51.77)
Merch Revenue$ (19.79)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (40.25)$ (12.56)$ (25.16)
DO Credits$ -$ -$ -
DO Infra$ (1,350.00)$ (1,312.68)$ (1,290.00)$ (1,454.66)$ (1,274.64)$ (1,078.61)
DO Bandwidth - Overage$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -
IaaS & PaaS Tax$ (81.00)$ (78.76)$ (77.40)$ (82.34)$ (76.48)$ (64.72)
Vultr Expenses$ (60.00)$ (60.00)$ (74.90)$ (60.00)$ (60.00)$ (60.00)
Total Infra Expenses$ (1,491.00)$ (1,451.44)$ (1,442.30)$ (1,597.00)$ (1,411.12)$ (1,203.33)
Recurring Services$ (278.08)$ (278.08)$ (307.08)$ (278.08)$ (302.92)$ (313.21)
One Time Services$ (104.94)$ -$ -$ -$ (18.50)$ -
Domain Renewal$ (26.82)$ -$ (26.85)$ -$ -$ -
Charitable Donations$ -$ -$ -$ (407.68)$ -$ -
Total Income$ 3,114.48$ 2,395.00$ 2,101.00$ 1,875.48$ 2,248.50$ 1,645.12
Total Expenses$ (3,635.72)$ (3,183.87)$ (2,799.04)$ (3,459.85)$ (3,103.16)$ (2,610.60)
Total Profit$ (521.24)$ (788.87)$ (698.04)$ (1,584.37)$ (854.66)$ (965.48)
Stripe Balance$ 2,063.85$ 3,035.24$ 4,144.17$ 283.83$ 1,449.01$ 2,248.45
Checking Balance$ 17,993.15$ 16,162.59$ 17,346.48$ 19,808.06$ 14,278.00$ 9,115.77
Complete Balance$ 20,057.00$ 19,197.83$ 21,490.65$ 20,091.89$ 15,727.01$ 11,364.22

In America, it’s tax time! Glimesh, Inc just filed its taxes for the 2021 year and it packed quite a punch. Overall our tax burden was relatively small but with Federal & State combined it amounted to about 30% of our revenue in the last year. Our Federal taxes due are $1,928 and our State taxes due are: $993.00. Additionally we paid $700 in administrative fees to get the books in order, complete the tax filings, and get some of our other miscellaneous accounting figured out. We’re speaking with our accountant on how to relieve some of the tax burden, potentially by restructuring into a different type of corporation.

Last month we canceled several un-necessary services and reduced the footprint of our cloud infrastructure which moved us into a nicer position this month, but due to decreased overall revenue our profit has not changed.

Additionally we plan to launch Gift Subs in May and we expect to see a slight bump in revenue for May, however it’s yet to be seen if that will continue.

Glimesh News

Join us Thursday May 5th at 6PM EDT for a special Glimesh Community Pride announcement!

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