The Glimcap Part 12

Glimcap Part 12 Welcome to week 12 of the Glimcap. This week we will be showing some of the progress we have been making towards the Alpha Phase 2 features, as well as going through our usual roundups of financials, metrics and wins from the previous week. Metrics This Week Last Week Diff Discord 5,936 6,012 76⬇ Twitter 9,206 9,208 2⬇ Reddit 584 580 4⬆ Instagram 1,190 1,178 12⬆ Facebook 609 603 6⬆ Users 38,759 38,392 367⬆ MRR $8,160 $8,510 $350⬇ Support Tickets 22 47 25⬇ Last week we covered 2 weeks metrics but this week sees a return to our usual 1 week reporting. Read more →

What Makes Glimesh Unique?

What Makes Glimesh Unique? Here at Glimesh a question we often get asked is ‘Why Glimesh? What makes Glimesh different to the myriad of other platforms out there for streaming?’ Here we will unpack just what it means to choose Glimesh, and hopefully help you understand more about who and what we are. Read more →

Phase 2 Alpha

Phase 2 Alpha Welcome to the start of Phase 2, first up we should set some expectations! Things will not happen overnight, this will take time as there are many parties which need to coordinate time on a volunteer basis to make all of this happen. Therefore we will not be offering up any deadlines or schedules when it comes to Phase 2, but we do promise to keep you updated on progress each week as well as holding streams and other open approaches such as coding via streams, so you can keep up to date on how things are progressing. Read more →

The Glimcap Part 11

Glimcap Part 11 Welcome to our 11th Glimcap. Last week we were focused on some exciting news and we cancelled the team meeting in order to focus on Phase 2 of our Alpha Roadmap! This week we have revealed what plans and features we have for the next Phase which you can find in its own blog post here: Phase 2 Alpha Blog and as usual, the Glimcap this week will be covering all the latest goings on with metrics and new platform features. Read more →

The Glimcap Part 10

Welcome to the Glimcap Part 10. Last week with the holiday we overlooked publishing the Glimcap (it will be posted with this weeks Glimcap), but we are back and raring to give you all the latest Glimesh happenings with this week’s edition of the Glimcap!

Last week marked our official 1 month since launching Glimesh! We have some exciting news coming up about some Roadmap plans, some plans for Growth, and what’s in the future for us at Glimesh.

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The Glimcap Part 9

Welcome to week 9 of the Glimcap! This week there’s a lot to talk about, from new page designs for mobile, to our new events plan moving forward; we can’t wait to share all the news with you this week!

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The Glimcap Part 8

Hello Glimesh! Welcome to week 8 of the Glimcap. This week has been a tough week for growth, and a good week for stability. While we have had some ups and downs, we have a plan of action moving forward, and it’s this plan that we’ll be focusing on this week.

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The Glimcap Part 7

Hey everyone, welcome to week 7 of the Glimcap! We have been hard at work this past week optimising and fine tuning the website to continue the hard work from launch week.

This week has seen increased stability across all servers, more new streamers arriving every day, and a continued overwhelming amount of support from everyone.

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The Glimcap Part 6

So much has been going on at Glimesh and we just can’t keep up with the excitement after launch. Our growth and the support from the GlimFamily has been huge!! This week’s Glimcap is a special one as it’s our first one since launching the Alpha. We took some time off last week and this week we are hoping to get back into the full swing of things.

This week is going to look a little different from our regular pattern and might continue to look different from here on out.

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The Glimcap Part 5

This is the first meeting since announcing launch and this week we will be taking you through our top tips to prepare for launch, what we are doing to prepare for launch, and all the latest news about subscriptions!

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