Board Meeting 03/2022

Board Meeting 03/2022

March 2nd, 2022 / 7:00 PM EDT

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Luke Strickland


Executive Report

Good evening everyone! Welcome to the first board meeting of 2022 and also the official anniversary of our launch date exactly one year ago! It’s been a crazy year, with its own unique collections of ups and downs, but if there was ever a time for Glimesh it’s now!

Recently we’ve made considerable progress into the development of the mobile app, and we’ve been rigorously testing with members of our community. At this point I’m pleased to announce we’re getting ready for a general release on March 22nd! The app is still very early, but our main milestones have been hit – you can find streams, interact with them, and follow them to stay up to date. In the future we’ll add additional functionality like notifications, subscriptions, donations, and other features that bring it up to parity with the website. However in the meantime it offers a great way to bring new users on board Glimesh, and let them watch our community from the comforts of their couch or on the go.

Additionally we’ve also introduced some major improvements to our FTL streaming, with most streamers now having very stable streams without major issues. The main improvement on that front is the introduction of NACKs which help recover lost packets whenever the streamer’s connection is less than perfect. NACKs are automatically enabled on all streams, and will help handle up to 1% lost packets. You’ll also notice OBS now reports out when packets are lost to your client, and our metadata view will increment lost packets to help us debug streaming issues. Our focus in the upcoming months is getting a stable low-latency RTMP ingest up and running to make it easier for our community to use various 3rd party re-streaming services.

Now for our main announcement… The Glimesh team and myself have been extremely focused over the last year on building the foundation of the platform. Getting our in-house software planned, built, and running (mostly on volunteer time!) without issue has been our primary objective. We’ve spent attention on maintaining our community and social media accounts, but have not focused our whole on marketing. The thought behind this decision is that marketing only gives us so many chances to get in front of new people, and we wanted to make sure that when we do show up for them they get the stability they expect. In my eyes, we’re now at that point! Of course there will always be more bugs, more features to build, more things to tackle but now… now is the time for growth!

Over the coming months, I’m making our primary focus on the growth of the platform. We’re going to approach this from two major directions: advertising and content marketing. Advertising will be focused on promoting what we already have: the best independent streaming platform in existence. We’ll start sharing this message via podcasts, web shows, streamers, news outlets, and others. As part of our advertising efforts, I’m budgeting a minimum spend of $2,000 a month singularly focused on growing our community. Our focus for paid advertising will be on spreading Glimesh to locations that get recurring mentions and views, not on large social media campaigns. For Content Marketing we’ll be working on building up and supporting knowledge for content creation, streaming, and other areas with blog posts, newsletters, video, and streaming content meant to find, engage, and teach new audiences! We’ll also be starting to utilize our own newsletters, and keeping more in contact with all of our existing users via the app, email, and through the web.

It’s not going to be easy to grow the platform. Companies since the beginning of time have struggled with growing, and we’ll be no exception. Our advantage is that we welcome everyone to help build Glimesh. Hundreds of people have helped make Glimesh what it is today, and I’ll need your continued help with ideas, development, execution, and the sharing of Glimesh. That said, thank you all for an amazing first year. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time so far, but are filled with anticipation for what we can become!

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With our focus on growth, we’re going to start keeping a closer eye on social media changes, however our main metrics will be product focused metrics like: Active Streamers, Active Viewers, User Churn, Average Customer Retention, and Return on Advertising. I’m going to be working on setting up automated ways of collecting this information to ensure we’re tracking accurately month over month.

Our website traffic has been extremely consistent, which I am very happy about! The 16% dip in the YTD graph is due to a singularity in December website traffic. On average about 20,000 unique visitors come to our site each month, be it just to check us out, or to watch their favorite streamer.

January 1st - February 28th
January 1st - February 28th

Last Month
Last Month

September 2021October 2021November 2021December 2021January 2022February 2022
Unique Visitors29,10020,00021,00033,50024,10021,000
Total Pageviews197,000119,000166,000179,000160,000128,000


Our finance categories are split up into two categories: Software as a Service (generally recurring) and Physical Sales (generally one time). This financial spreadsheet breaks down those two categories, in addition to providing a traditional P&L itemization.

September 2021October 2021November 2021December 2021January 2022February 2022
Software as a Service
Gross Subscriptions$ 3,315.00$ 2,835.00$ 3,087.59$ 2,395.00$ 2,101.00$ 1,848.87
Streamer Payouts$ (780.07)$ (507.97)$ (1,099.05)$ (885.33)$ (505.72)$ (736.78)
Charges Fees$ (237.83)$ (203.29)$ (216.89)$ (172.44)$ (153.22)$ (140.16)
Refunds$ -$ -$ (25.00)$ (5.00)$ -$ (15.00)
Connect Fee (prev month)$ (535.62)$ (470.68)$ (347.26)$ (360.84)$ (333.13)$ (218.29)
Subscription Expenses$ (1,553.52)$ (1,181.94)$ (1,688.20)$ (1,423.61)$ (992.07)$ (1,110.23)
Subscription Revenue$ 1,761.48$ 1,653.06$ 1,399.39$ 971.39$ 1,108.93$ 738.64
Physical Sales
Merch Sales$ 382.81$ 26.89$ 26.89$ -$ -$ 26.61
Printful Fee$ (206.77)$ (15.94)$ (15.94)$ -$ -$ (36.12)
Shopify Fee$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)
Merch Expenses$ (237.51)$ (46.68)$ (46.68)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (66.86)
Merch Revenue$ 145.30$ (19.79)$ (19.79)$ (30.74)$ (30.74)$ (40.25)
DO Credits$ -$ -$ -
DO Infra$ (1,343.04)$ (1,350.00)$ (1,350.00)$ (1,312.68)$ (1,290.00)$ (1,454.66)
DO Bandwidth - Overage$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -
IaaS & PaaS Tax$ (80.58)$ (81.00)$ (81.00)$ (78.76)$ (77.40)$ (82.34)
Vultr Expenses$ (96.35)$ (60.00)$ (60.00)$ (60.00)$ (74.90)$ (60.00)
Total Infra Expenses$ (1,519.97)$ (1,491.00)$ (1,491.00)$ (1,451.44)$ (1,442.30)$ (1,597.00)
Recurring Services$ (247.34)$ (276.34)$ (278.08)$ (278.08)$ (307.08)$ (278.08)
One Time Services$ (300.00)$ -$ (104.94)$ -$ -$ -
Domain Renewal$ -$ -$ (26.82)$ -$ (26.85)$ -
Charitable Donations$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ (407.68)
Total Income$ 3,697.81$ 2,861.89$ 3,114.48$ 2,395.00$ 2,101.00$ 1,875.48
Total Expenses$ (3,858.34)$ (2,995.96)$ (3,635.72)$ (3,183.87)$ (2,799.04)$ (3,459.85)
Total Profit$ (160.53)$ (134.07)$ (521.24)$ (788.87)$ (698.04)$ (1,584.37)
Stripe Balance$ 7,056.40$ 8,684.46$ 2,063.85$ 3,035.24$ 4,144.17$ 283.83
Checking Balance$ 13,829.88$ 12,013.78$ 17,993.15$ 16,162.59$ 17,346.48$ 19,808.06
Complete Balance$ 20,886.28$ 20,698.24$ 20,057.00$ 19,197.83$ 21,490.65$ 20,091.89

Glimesh News

  1. Hosted the Glimesh Birthday Bash! With over 9 unique streamers streaming over 25 different interactive community experiences. All told we had about 222 unique visitors tune in throughout the 4 day event!
  2. Mobile app is being tested with 150+ community members!
  3. Launched Channel Hosting, NACKs, additional payout countries, and pre-emptive bans.

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