What Makes Glimesh Unique?

What Makes Glimesh Unique?

Here at Glimesh a question we often get asked is ‘Why Glimesh? What makes Glimesh different to the myriad of other platforms out there for streaming?’ Here we will unpack just what it means to choose Glimesh, and hopefully help you understand more about who and what we are.

First, and most importantly, we are not aiming to be the next big streaming platform or giant killer. We are here to be us, Glimesh, and be here for those who want to be here. In doing so we aim to make the best platform for our users.


We have no financial backers on this project. We are entirely community funded through your platform subscriptions and our 50% cut from streamer subscriptions. This means no faceless entities telling us what we should and should not do.

Open Source

Our code is entirely open source, and you can find it on our github: https://github.com/Glimesh

Not only does this mean that the community can help contribute to the code of Glimesh, it also means people are able to develop their own integrations to work alongside us. Some perfect examples of this exist within our #community-projects page.


This sits at the very core of our company values, to always be transparent with everyone. We hold weekly meetings on our channel, https://glimesh.tv/glimesh, where we discuss finances, social media metrics, platform growth, and give you an overview of what has been going on with updates and changes that week.

You can also see in real time the platform user growth, recurring subscriptions, and number of live streams each week over on our website: https://glimesh.tv/about/open-data

In addition to all of these, we have open discussions in our discord relating to development, design, business, marketing, and product ideas which anyone can read and offer suggestions or feedback.


Being open about everything means you as the community are always kept in the loop. We encourage you to hold us accountable on our actions should we ever fail to keep our promises.


Everyone is on an equal playing field at Glimesh. We will hold everyone to the same standards regardless of how big someone is. Everyone is subject to the same rules and the GCT will always ensure this to be the case.


Our community is what makes Glimesh and this is why our approach is community-centred. When you speak, we listen, whether you ask a question, make a suggestion, report a bug, or just offer some feedback through our discord or by responding to our emailed surveys. Your voice matters.. We want to make Glimesh the best platform for its users, and the involvement from the community is what makes this possible.

This is why we made the decision to open our Alpha up to everyone. Usually Phase 1 Alphas happen behind closed doors, or to a select number of people who must apply, but for us, we thought our entire community should be able to test it out for themselves. This helps us gather feedback,find problems faster, and improve the platform tomake Glimesh the best it can be for the community.

Central to this Community based approach isour Glimesh Community Team (GCT). Far from just platform moderators, the GCT are here for the community. Started streaming and have no audio? If a member of the GCT stops by your stream they will be sure to let you know! They are also the people who you will see answering most of the questions relating to the platform via our discord, as well as making sure the community is safe and looked after through the support site and reporting functions.

Volunteer Led

Glimesh is built and developed by volunteers directly from our community. These people have committed their time in a more structured way to help support Glimesh and help it grow. We have the Glimesh Community Team, Discord Moderators, and Contributors. Everyone who is a part of these teams started out as a regular community member who was actively involved in offering up support and suggestions and actively engaging in topics, and even offering up their knowledge and expertise.

No-one at Glimesh is taking a wage. Right now our focus is on making sure the platform is everything it can be, and without volunteers dedicating their time and knowledge this would not be possible.

If you think you might want to offer up your help as a volunteer, you can check out our #how-to-contribute channel over in Discord.

24/7 Support

Whether it’s a question, a general chat, feedback, or a report our team is on hand around the globe. We have volunteers from a variety of time zones, and which speak a variety of languages, meaning you can access help whenever you need it.

You can access help via the discord: https://discord.gg/glimesh , support site https://support.glimesh.tv , or by reaching out to the Glimesh Community Team via support@glimesh.tv

Faster Than Light (FTL) Technology

Here at Glimesh we have sub-second latency with FTL. This means you and your community can both benefit from interaction in real time – asking the community a question? Why wait for an answer when you can have an answer at the same time as you would talking to someone face to face! Viewers just wanting to have a chat? Now you can with FTL giving you that natural conversational feeling.

FTL also makes community game nights easier than ever, as you can get real time responses making things run smoother, especially for those who may not want to sit in a voice chat and prefer typing along in chat.

No Metrics

Here at Glimesh the only goals that matter are your own personal ones. We don’t have metrics you need to hit in order to get a sub button, nor do we have partnerships. We encourage you to grow and stream at your own pace, making goals that you want to hit.

Subs For All

Subscriptions are open to everyone who is on our payment provider Stripe’s list of supported countries (you can check by visiting our support site here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/34-subscriptions-payments/50-setting-up-glimesh-payouts-sub-button). Simply log into your account and head on over to the payments page to get started. You don’t need to have any proven follower or viewer count; you can set it up from day one!


Setting your account up for Subscriptions also allows you to receive donations, directly through Glimesh. Just like with Subscriptions you do not need to meet any follower or viewer count requirements, it is automatically added as an option to your support modal when you sign up for Subscriptions!

Own Your Content

You work hard to make your streams and we believe you should be able to show that in any way you want, whenever you want. This is why at Glimesh 100% of your content is yours to do with as you wish. There is no time lock on how long you need to wait before you can share your content so feel free to do with it what you want, it’s your hard work afterall.

Your Channel, Your Choice

Our goal is to give each creator a set of tools to use in whatever way they see fit. To help make your channel exactly what you want it to be, we provide you with a huge amount of choices and options. Moderator permissions can be set individually. Subscriptions and donations can be toggled on/off individually. You can opt-in to be featured on the front page. You can choose to display pronouns both on your channel and on your profile. You have an array of safety settings for who is allowed to chat, if they can post links, if those links are clickable, and more. There are many more options to explore, and more are being added as we grow. When features are added, they are always opt-in so you never login to find something unexpected.


Discoverability for all is another key feature here at Glimesh. If you are here, you have likely seen our homepage. The streamers here are selected at random every hour, regardless of streamer size or stream category. All you need to do to be part of this is opt in at https://glimesh.tv/users/settings/stream

In addition, all our streaming categories are sorted randomly. You can see this for yourself by heading over to one of the categories and refreshing the page. You will see different streams each time you do, so everyone, everywhere, gets an equal chance of being top row.

No matter what size your channel is, we promise to offer you the same chances to be discovered as everyone else.

A Human Side to Streaming Platforms

No one is hidden. From staff, to GCT and contributors you can meet us all. We offer a friendly face and are often seen hanging around streams on the platform getting to know our users. You can also chat to us in discord, we are often seen hanging out with the community in the general channel.

We encourage you to get to know us and know you can reach out to us, whether it’s just to hang out and chat, or to discuss ideas!


From all of us here at the #glimfam, welcome to Glimesh!